MYERSTOWN, Pa. — Gaming furniture and accessories manufacturer Wyrmwood Gaming has purchased Keystone Designer Furniture, a manufacturer of solid wood bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture.

Officials did not reveal the purchase price or other terms of the deal, which closed Nov. 1. However, Wyrmwood President and CEO Douglas Costello said that the acquisition occurs as the company needs more capacity to grow the furniture-making side of its business.

For example, Wyrmwood recently has sold some 8,000 game tables through crowd funding resource Kickstarter. Those tables will be produced by Keystone, which is adding around 25 workers to its 57,000-square-foot Myerstown, Pa., plant that now employs about 50 workers, said James Martin, who remains president of Keystone.

Martin said that Keystone, which has been in business since 1986 and was formerly known as Keystone Collections, has been building chairs for Wyrmwood for the past three years.

Wyrmwood, which has been in business for about seven years, currently employs around 70. It has been building game tables in its 30,000-square-foot plant in Taunton, Mass., but decided it needed more expertise and capacity not just with the chairs but also the tables.

“We needed capacity. Basically I would say that is the long and the short of it,” Costello said, adding that woodworkers at Keystone also have much more longevity and experience in building furniture than those at Wrymwood. “We are just keeping up with growth, honestly.”

“They could not scale up their manufacturing to meet the demand on the furniture side,” Martin added of the solid wood tables, which are made with exotic species such as wenge, Bolivian rosewood, padauk, black poisonwood, purpleheart and ebony, as well as more well-known varieties such as walnut, maple and cherry. Wyrmwood also uses some veneers.

While Keystone will continue its focus on making furniture, Wyrmwood will continue to design its product line and also make gaming accessories which include dice trays, dice towers and tabletop tiles to name a few.

“They were great with the accessories, but they wanted to offer a complete home package, and that is another reason they were looking at an established furniture company that already builds furniture,” Martin added.

High-end tables in the Wrymwood line, including its Prophecy modular series, retail around $10,000.

Keystone also produces a solid wood line that is made with maple, cherry, walnut and oak. Its queen beds retail from $1,600 to $1,800, while a 42- by 60-inch leg table retails around $2,400.

In addition to the use of more exotic woods, which Wyrmwood also mills and will ship directly to Keystone, Martin said the partnership also allows Keystone the opportunity to offer more veneered product in the future.

He also said that the expertise of both companies — including Keystone’s manufacturing prowess and  Wyrmwood’s extensive marketing capabilities and presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube — created a good balance between the two operations.

“We have the facility, we have the skill set and we have the space,” said Martin. “It was a great fit. … Wyrmwood has the marketing capabilities and the followers on social media — hundreds of thousands of followers — and they have the marketing and the sales tools. It was a win-win for both sides.”

He added that since Keystone’s business is primarily east of the Mississippi, this gives the company an opportunity to grow its presence nationwide.

“I can’t stress enough that nothing is changing with the Keystone brand other than growing and part of that growth is nationwide coverage,” Martin said.

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