BOSTON – Ori, the robotic furniture system that moves to save space, is launching a brand new product called the Pocket Office, which can transform any space into a work from home office.

“For the millions of us who have abruptly shifted to working from home and homeschooling, we wanted to create a spatial solution that was elegant, flexible and practical,” said Hasier Larrea, founder and CEO of Ori. “We want people to feel good in their homes and help them to achieve unparalleled functionality with their spaces. Temporary office setups can feel like they are borrowing space from some other function of the apartment and make us feel like we can’t get away from our work.”

Larrea said they created the Pocket Office to offer a dedicated space to focus and get work done. The Pocket Office features an entertainment center on the outside that opens to reveal a natural, textured workstation. Designed with maximum productivity and flexibility in mind, the company said the interior contains two desk options: one for standing and one for sitting.

The Pocket Office also contains storage and power sources, room for a standard size office chair as well as extra monitors. When not in use, it transforms into a thin entertainment center, which allows users to create mental and emotional separation from the day’s work, according to the company.

Larrea said Ori created the Pocket Office to provide all the features of an office that can be tucked away to allow for a much-needed separation between work and life. The Pocket Office is currently available in two sizes: medium at six-feet-wide and large at eight-feet-wide.

The new design builds upon the company’s established smart space technology that caters to the evolving needs of apartment renters and condo owners.

Ori’s additional products include the Studio Suite, a modular furniture solution that simulates the functionality of multiple rooms in a single space; the Pocket Closet, a shelving unit, entertainment console, drop down table, and spatial divider that expands into a walk-in closet; and the Cloud Bed, a king or queen-sized bed that descends from the ceiling but can also serve as a sofa/living room during daytime use.

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