NEW YORK – New e-commerce site Modern Loft offers high-end home furnishings with a strong focus on user experience.

Yitty Glauber

Yitty Glauber

“We designed the site to appeal to Millennials,” said Yitti Glauber, Modern Loft founder and designer. “The site is easy, clear and convenient. Our goal is to make the e-commerce site experience similar to the social media browsing experience. We want consumers to be pulled in to the site and our aspirational photography is designed to do just that.”

The site offers modern furnishings for the living room, dining room, home office, and storage as well as lighting, rugs and accessories. Glauber said the site’s curated authentic modern furniture will appeal to artists, designers and creatives since the products are classic, innovative and forward-thinking.

The website will also incorporate new technology such as sketching 3D models and augmented reality in the near future, according to Glauber.

“Millennials are quick to adapt to new technology,” she said. “We believe it’s important to see how the pieces will look in your own space.”

When looking for high-quality home furnishings, Glauber said many sites assume that all young people want disposable and cheap furniture. Modern Loft is designed to appeal to Millennials and others who appreciate high quality and lasting pieces sourced from Italy, Denmark, France and other locations throughout Europe.

Glauber, who is a Millennial herself, grew up in a creative family with a mom who was a designer. Also, her husband is a contractor who builds luxury homes.

“Since COVID-19, more people are shopping for furniture online than ever before. And, the majority of those new online shoppers are younger,” she said. “With this in mind, we plan to be more of a connection brand and build relationships with these consumers.”

The site’s goal is to be engaging and interesting and draw visitors in, according to Glauber. She said she believes the sales will come once that connection is made, and those initial customers will quickly become repeat purchasers.

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