BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Shneur Zalman Hirsch, the co-founder of Modway Furniture, died on Oct. 14 after battling an illness. He was 39.

Vice president of Modway, Hirsch co-founded the company in 2005. In his executive role, he oversaw product development.

The company said that he was known for his warmth and kindness: “Many stories from business acquaintances and friends come to fore, showing Shneur’s great caring, concern and warmth for every person he met. Everyone had a touching story to tell and many considered themselves lucky for having been able to meet such a gentle, wise and humble person. … Modway is dedicated to continuing Shneur’s legacy moving forward.”

He is survived by his parents, his wife and six children as well as several siblings.

A Jewish funeral, also known as a Levaya, was held Oct. 15, with a burial following at Montefiore Cemetery in Springfield Gardens, Queens, N.Y.

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