SEATTLE – Direct-to-consumer company Memo Furniture is launching a new set of refined wood benches called the Maru Collection in partnership with John and Wonhee Arndt of Studio Gorm.

The new collection marks the second collaboration between Memo and the Oregon-based studio.

“When we established Memo, we sought out to explore product typologies that address shared environments and occasions,” said Dave Simon, Memo Furniture’s managing partner. “The unique cultural perspectives of our world-class design partners lend a fresh and diverse voice to our efforts, allowing us to cultivate innovative work.”

The new collection features a variety of configurations, finishes and design details suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. They are named Maru after the platformed wooden floor system that connects spaces and facilitates gathering in traditional Korean homes.

“In our practice, we are always looking to solve old problems by way of new solutions and approachable forms. With Maru, a shift in the collection’s scale and programming can open one’s perception and introduce new possibilities as to the product’s end-use,” said Wonhee Arndt, Studio Gorm co-founder.

Offered in three-, five- and seven-slat style options, the benches are made of domestically sourced wood. Additional options include backrests, seat pads, screens and accessories, such as tables and power sources.

Each bench is manufactured in the Pacific Northwest by Memo’s manufacturing partners that service the high-end home furnishings retail industry.

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