LOGAN, Utah — Dr. Oz Good Life products were recently featured on the syndicated, Emmy-winning program The Dr. Oz Show. The bedding products are made by Maven, based in Logan, Utah.

Talk show host and health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz shared his sleep solutions with his audience and focused on viewers’ most common sleep issues: pain and snoring.

“Using a nationwide SleepScore study, we dove into the critical sleep issues affecting health,” Oz said. “We followed participants for a total of 990 nights and had them track their sleep. We determined that participants could often benefit from one change: sleeping elevated.”

With the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep Systems, which include a mattress and an adjustable bed base, Oz and Maven address pain and snoring for a total approach to better sleep. Users will increase their comfort and decrease their snoring, leading to better, more restorative sleep, as proven by the SleepScore study, officials said.

The line includes additional features designed to promote cool and clean sleep, which are also high-ranking customer concerns. In foam products, CoolRelax gel infusions pair with open cell foam to transfer and release heat through a precision-ventilated grid. SilverScience technology is available in every product (except adjustable bases), in either a silver-woven thread or nano-silver treatment, to inhibit more than 650 kinds of bacteria, officials said.

On his show, Oz interviewed people who struggled with sleep and invited one couple to test the new products.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the Dr. Oz Good Life featured on his show, with our real customers testing, and loving, product,” said Mark Thatcher, vice president of business development at Maven.

The Dr. Oz Good Life products can be found in select Macy’s stores nationwide. Customers can shop online at drozsleep.com and macys.com.

Maven products include furniture, mattresses, adjustable bed bases, mattress toppers, protectors, pillows, sheets, comforters, bed frames, weighted blankets and pet beds. Maven is an omnichannel partner for both online and in-store retailers. Its products are available on more than 50 online sites and in thousands of retail locations.

Maven is the manufacturer of the best-selling mattress on Amazon. Additional Maven bestsellers are sold by major partners including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Wayfair, Overstock, The Home Depot, and Kohl’s.

The Maven family includes brands Lucid, Linenspa, Dr. Oz Good Life, Dream collection, Brookside and Rest Haven.

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