ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Mattress imports jumped 78% in July but could start to see a slowdown in August, an industry analyst says. In its monthly report on mattress imports, Raymond James, based here, said mattress imports are continuing to surge ahead of potential anti-dumping duties.

Total mattress imports in July increased to about 912,000 units, the highest level seen this year since January 2020, when units hit 985,596. Vietnam was the top mattress importer in July, with 264,716 units. Turkey was next, with mattress imports of 150,158 units.

In the trailing 12 months from July, Vietnam’s units have totaled 2,578,667. Indonesia is second on that list, with mattress imports of 1,942,755. Turkey is third, with mattress imports of 919,405, Raymond James said.

The firm noted that if the current antidumping case against seven countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam) is successful and follows the pattern seen in the China antidumping case last year, the industry “should start to see a slowdown in mattress imports in August.”

After antidumping duties on Chinese mattress imports went into effect in May 2019, those imports declined dramatically, the firm said. Chinese mattress imports in July totaled 9,775 units.

Raymond James said the U.S. Dept. of Commerce will likely announce its preliminary determination in the latest mattress anti-dumping case in late October 2020. At that time, a 90-day look-back period will be put into place, “where if there is a surge in imports, duties will be retroactively applied.”

The firm said the seven countries under investigation accounted for 89% of total mattress imports over the trailing 12 months.

If the antidumping investigation is successful and “meaningful” duties are placed on mattress imports for the seven countries, “the U.S. bedding industry could see a benefit in 2021 (especially below $1,000),” Raymond James said.

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