CHARLESTON, S.C. – Matrix Kids, a division of Maxwood Furniture, is offering on-line program to designers that aims not only to help them with product selection, but also offer incentives for them to buy the line through this portal.

Carina Buckman, who handles commercial sales at Maxwood, said designers have liked the line due to its modular nature and custom add ons such as slides and fabric curtains “they can add to create custom configurations without the custom price tag,”

With the new on-line Trade Program, designers can now shop the line on the website and receive a 10% trade discount, free delivery, no credit card processing fees and no tax applied if a re-sale certificate is provided.

In addition, designers can work with the in-house design team to help create custom configurations based on multiple bunk beds, loft beds and companion case pieces available in the line.

A resource guide on the page offers product drawings and dimensions to help choose the right height bunk or loft, while a fit and measurement guide offers dimensions on products ranging from beds to bunk beds and lofts, including corner loft and corner bunk units.

This same resource offers information on various ladder and stair types, including how to add a staircase to the bunk or loft and how to add storage pieces such as chests, dressers and desks within the room.

While customer service and design professionals will continue to be available for specific questions not addressed through these resources, Buckman said the online program will make it simple for designers to get the products they want without having to wait to talk to a staff member.

“Designers are very independent and are very capable of selecting what they want and placing the order and getting it done,” Buckman said, adding that the company is looking to add a similar site for both dealers and commercial accounts.

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