NEW YORK – Lovesac, the furniture company best known for its Sactional sofas, has partnered with tech company Threekit to offer consumers an upgraded online customization experience while also reducing the number of returns.

“We really needed to work with a company that would allow us to show the inherent benefits of Sactionals and offer people the freedom to create, customize and play,” said Shawn Nelson, CEO of Lovesac. “Sactionals are fundamentally different in the way they connect with the 360-degree aspect of each piece vs. just having a front and back. Threekit has been fantastic; the new launch of the Sactional platform has been two years in the making.”

By partnering with Threekit, Lovesac can now show furniture in 3D online and let shoppers customize and configure products in multiple combinations, in real time.

Nelson said they’ve already seen people behaving differently on the website, with conversion rates improving substantially.

“The new technology helps consumers understand the dimensions on the fly,” he said. “They can grow the Sactional by 6 inches on the spot. They can also add covers which are digitally rendered images of fabric perfectly aligned on the piece to allow for a good idea of the texture.”

Being able to reduce the unknowns about the Sactional purchase has reduced the number of returns, according to Nelson. “With the 3D being true to life and scaled appropriately, this goes a long way to increasing conversion and decreasing buyer’s remorse.”

“The online shopping experience is changing permanently and for the better,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “Not only do 3D product visuals enhance the customer experience, but they are also becoming a staple of sustainable businesses. We’re proud to partner with a company that is so forward-thinking and infuses its sustainability mission into every aspect of its business.”

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