Mack (Jim McIngvale) and I loved the Dilbert comic!

Mack and Gallery Furniture would like to encourage our fellow furniture industry retailers to find a way to deliver same day to their customers. This is the PERFECT time to find creative solutions to industry challenges for the better experience of their customers now and forever moving forward.

Because if you can figure it out right now — and make it work — then when things get “easier,” you will be able to continue it no problem!

  1. Mack feels you should only have on the floor merchandise that you have in stock ready for pickup or delivery that day. If it is the last one, there should be appropriate tags informing the customer of such. Once it sells out, it comes off the floor.
  2. Customers should be able to pick up or get delivery same day. Gallery Furniture has spent 30 years developing a system for this, yes, but it can be done. Invest in your warehouse, invest in your team members, and you will be paid back in dividends with delighted, lifetime customers.

Customers cannot sit or sleep on a backorder slip or other gifts. The competition with Amazon still continues, whether the industry is selling more furniture than ever before or not. Saavy shoppers can still find in stock, Prime delivery furniture on Amazon right now today if they work hard enough at it. And the long term ramifications of a horrible customer experience by making the customers wait for delivery will be even more fuel to the fire for customers to purchase from vendors like Amazon where they get reliable delivery times.

Because right now they are still choosing to buy from traditional retailers like Gallery Furniture does not guarantee they will in the future.

This is our golden opportunity as an industry to prove how adaptive, creative, hard working and dedicated to customer delight we are. Only we control our future as retailers.

Happy holidays,
James McIngvale, digital manager,
with Mack and the Gallery Furniture team,

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