LOS ANGELES – Lighting and home furnishings company Lamps Plus is expecting record sales for the fourth quarter. The company said with more Americans home than ever before, home-related projects and purchases continue to be top-of-mind.

“We don’t expect to see the same increase in sales at our physical stores on Black Friday because some consumers are still hesitant to shop in stores,” said Angela Hsu, Lamps Plus senior vice president of marketing and e-commerce. “Instead, some customers who typically shop at stores on Black Friday are likely to shop online and continue looking for deals on Cyber Monday. Whether there will be the typical spike in sales on Cyber Monday is uncertain, however.”

Hsu said they are encouraging shoppers to purchase early, before mid-December, to make sure that shipments arrive on time. The company is also ramping up its inventory and staff, including warehouse and customer service hiring, to prepare for the demand increase during the holiday shopping season.

The company also said that due to its growth during the pandemic, it’s in full gear to capture the market share of the increased demand and are testing more top-funnel channels such as CTV and YouTube while continuing to double down on performance marketing and remarketing.

“We will remain agile and only commit to marketing channels and campaigns that give us the flexibility to modify and adapt based on economic condition and consumer behavior over the coming months,” Hsu said. “By continuing to monitoring creative, messaging and social media tactics, we can make sure that we are aligned with consumer sentiment and product preference.”

Lamps Plus, which started in the mid-1970s, has a robust e-commerce site as well as three dozen brick-and-mortar locations in the Western United States.

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