BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, bedding executives who are also known as Dos Marcos, are releasing their new book next week on Dec. 8.

With the title “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store,” the book is designed as a guidebook for independent retailers, offering tips for differentiating a brand, forming lasting customer relationships and driving foot traffic into the store.

“During the pandemic shutdowns, we saw what our towns would look like if independent retail disappears,” said Kinsley, president and CEO of Englander. “My hope is that our book will inspire retailers to go on the offense by offering magical experiences that can’t be found when shopping online.”

“We don’t want businesses to survive, we want them to thrive,” said Quinn, co-founder of Spink & Co., Farm-Grown Beds and vice president of key accounts and marketing for Sherwood Bedding. “The problem for independent retailers is that they have to compete with e-commerce and big-box stores. If you are going toe-to-toe against those giant budgets, you have to find a way to be unique and stand out, and that’s what our book will help retailers do.”

In addition to being a playbook for building a meaningful brand and deepening those community connections, “Come Back to Bed” features more than 70 foot traffic-driving ideas gathered from independent retailers.

Find out more about the book at the website for Kinsley and Quinn’s Dos Marcos, The Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress Podcast.

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