BEAVERTON, Ore. – The Khronos 3D Working Group, a consortium of technology companies, has released a set of new physically based rendering (PBR) material extensions for glTF, which is known as the JPEG of 3D.

“The working group is fortunate to host many experts that are working to build industry consensus on interoperable PBR and using glTF as a vehicle to make it deployable across diverse platforms and devices,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos president. “Also, the unique mix of technology and e-commerce companies in the group is generating real-world insights that are informing and motivating the evolution of the roadmap.”

GlTF is Khronos’ royalty-free format for widespread, efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models. PBR enables developers and artists to achieve photorealism through rendering parameters that correspond to real-world physical properties of materials in 3D assets, according to the group.

Trevett said this creates a powerful, yet simple-to-implement PBR model for high-quality, visually realistic 3D assets that are portable to any rendering API and viewer, while being scalable to suit the capabilities of diverse platforms including mobile devices. By defining rendering parameters based on physical properties, viewing engines and applications are able to implement and optimize their own rendering.

“The latest glTF PBR extensions are narrowing the gap between virtual and real products, giving developers and artists the tools to create incredibly lifelike 3D models,” said Shrenik Sadalgi, director of research and development at Wayfair and chair of the 3D commerce working group.

“Wayfair is excited to be part of this ongoing effort to push the state-of-the-art forward by building open and interoperable standards. This latest set of glTF extensions will raise the bar for virtual product quality online and in turn benefit the entire retail industry.”

Khronos is seeking feedback and requirements from implementers, engine developers, content creators, and artists to influence glTF’s PBR model roadmap. Any company that wishes to participate directly in the working group is invited to join the Khronos Group.

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