BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – A new digital platform called Virtual Market Center has launched to offer manufacturers and retailers, as well as their customers, 24-hour access to 3D showroom tours with the assistance of additional sales tools such as managing product lists and collecting analytics on showroom visits.

VMC is the brainchild of Jack Kashani, founder and originator of the World Market Center in Las Vegas and a real estate developer with more than 20 years of experience.

“I think the Virtual Market Center will extend the life of any existing showroom and increase the ROI,” said Kashani, VMC founder and managing director. “In the near future, the need for a physical showroom or participating in a trade show, all over the world, will be substantially reduced because the smart virtual showroom can be accessed by all customers at any time from any place 24/7.”

For exhibiting brands, VMC can produce turnkey high-definition 3D virtual tours or use a pre-existing tour video and add features to enhance the showroom experience and the exhibitor’s business center.

Kashani said the VMC platform provides brands with the abilities to control showroom access, customize virtual tours, manage product lists and SKUs, and collect analytics on showroom visits and product engagement.

A key feature of the system, according to Kashani, is that showroom visitors can access virtual tours from anywhere and will be immediately matched with the appropriate sales rep based on their geographic location. They can engage with the sales rep via live chat or video conference to curate products and write purchase orders.

Retail buyers and interior designers can join VMC at no cost and request access to showrooms.

“When we began developing the VMC platform a year ago, we had no idea that we’d be launching at a time that this powerful platform and sales tool would be an absolute necessity,” Kashani said.

Another key feature involves analytics, with the VMC platform capturing information as soon as the visitor enters the showroom whether or not they engage with the content. The sales rep will receive notification even if the visitor doesn’t click on anything.

“When we were designing and building this platform, we thought that it was very important for manufacturers to know who is walking into showrooms and to know what products that visitor is looking at,” Kashani added. “If a company can only send two people to the physical market, they can still have dozens of others go to the virtual showroom to learn more about what product is available, see videos about the product, as well as pictures in 2D or 3D.”

The VMC platform is designed to serve residential and commercial furnishings, home décor, lighting, kitchen and bath, and building finishes.

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