CHICAGO — Threekit, an online product visualization company with home furnishings customers, has officially created its 7 millionth product image and is on track to render 10 million images by the end of the year.

This means the company is currently the largest product photography company in the world by volume.

Matt Gorniak, Threekit’s CEO, said much of this growth is driven by increased e-commerce use due to COVID-19, as social distancing brings more shoppers online.

“Retail was heading in this direction, but COVID-19 massively accelerated everything,” said Gorniak. “Online shopping is changing dramatically, with greater emphasis placed on product visuals to mimic the in-person shopping experience.”

Threekit’s virtual photographer service uses proprietary layering and lighting technology to create unlimited numbers of product photos from design files, compared with what it says in an average of the $300 per product cost for traditional photography.

Demand for additional product imagery has been growing, according to Gorniak. In 2016, the average online shopper expected no more than three images per product. But by 2019, that number grew to eight. He said meeting this demand can often be a challenge due to the cost.

Threekit works with several home furnishings brands including Crate and Barrel and Lovesac.

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