With a myriad of factors involved in successfully managing a company in the furniture industry, business owners often don’t dedicate the time needed to focus on developing overall strategies required to keep them ahead of the curve. There are several different time intensive overhead factors faced by exclusively resellers, suppliers or both parties:

Margin Calculation

When sourcing new inventory it is imperative to maintain wide enough margins without compromising on product integrity. Product costs, freight, warehousing fees, shipping and more must be included for accurate margin analysis calculations that keep your desired margin levels in check. Using a system with flat nationwide freight fees, like the one offered by Giga Cloud Logistics helps eliminate the guesswork involved in estimating margins from shipping costs, making it easier to conduct financial planning.  Businesses using the Giga Cloud Marketplace have reported more than 25% savings on their fulfillment costs, boosting margins and improving their bottom line.

Logistics Management

In an era where consumers have increasingly high expectations concerning shipping speeds, having a logistics solution that can meet your needs is central to building trust among customers. Managing logistics for big box items often require specialized services – ones that often aren’t fully understood by companies that have a shipping focus on smaller products. You can avoid higher occurrences of product damage, shipping lag and more while keeping costs low with logistics companies like Giga Cloud that specialize in furniture and big box items.

Processing roughly $18M worth of monthly transactions, the Giga Cloud Marketplace is helping thousands of certified suppliers and resellers across the globe do business with furniture faster, easier and more efficiently

The Giga Cloud Marketplace is an all-in-one solution to streamline the process of selling and buying wholesale furniture, being backed by an intricate logistics system and warehouse network powered by company Giga Cloud Logistics.

Diversified Inventory Sourcing

Having a core list of go-to suppliers is key for any successful reseller, but honing in on secondary manufacturers helps diversify your inventories to better meet specific consumer demands while also making you well equipped to handle any unexpected inventory needs. Expanding outside of your comfort zone to look for these manufacturers can be a daunting and time consuming process with thousands of products to sift through while being unsure of quality caliber or even product origin.

Client Growth & Retention

Studies consistently point to return customers being of most value to businesses when it comes to maintaining high, consistent profits. Making continued efforts towards business marketing and standing out to resellers is critical, however allocating resources towards expanding business recognition drains valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

The Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace, an online furniture trade platform for resellers and suppliers backed by an intricate logistics network managed by company Giga Cloud Logistics, has been formulated as an all-in-one solution to the above challenges and more faced by companies in the furniture industry, giving resellers and suppliers an all-inclusive resource that makes it easier to do business, while also providing access to hundreds of certified users and thousands of vetted products you can trust. With exclusive low rates, no MOQs and fast shipping times, the Giga Cloud Marketplace cuts down on the cost of doing business with furniture.

Having amassed monthly transactions of over $18M in GMV (Gross Merchant Value) after its official launch less than 2 years ago, the Giga Cloud B2B Marketplace has surged in growth and is helping thousands of resellers and suppliers across the globe do business with furniture in a new easier way. Click here to apply to sign up.

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