LANDOVER, Md. – Silentnight, a leading bedding brand from the United Kingdom, has successfully launched its line in the United States market and is now looking to expand its U.S. distribution.

AW Inds., based here, said it got a good reception to the color-coded line, which it introduced at the fall High Point Market and is now readying the line for retail distribution.

The initial offering of beds, positioned at medium to high-end price points, includes memory foam, hybrid and latex lines.

Mark Hobson, the bedding veteran who is representing the Silentnight line in the U.S., said that Silentnight ’s standing as “the most trusted mattress brand in the United Kingdom” ensures the brand will build trust with its U.S. relationships.

“Being trusted means delivering on your promises,” said Hobson, who formerly held top posts with Sealy and with Colonial LLC. “For Silentnight consumers, trust means delivering on the promise of better days through a great night’s sleep. No longer do consumers have to choose between comfort and support, quality and value; they can have it all. For Silentnight retailers, trust means delivering on the promise of more success and better performance from their mattress department.”

He said Silentnight has won success in the United Kingdom with what he calls the “Silentnight Success Triangle,” whose three points are prestige, productivity and profits.

“Presitge is delivered through association with one of the UK’s true ‘Superbrands,’” he said.

“Only the top brand within each field is eligible to receive the prestigious Superbrand award. It is awarded for quality, reliability and distinction by a group of consumers and business executives. Other well-known Superbrands include Barclays, British Airways, Rolls Royce and even the London Stock Exchange.”

Silentnight has earned Superbrand status for 13 straight years, Hobson noted.

“Productivity is delivered through a strategy of limited distribution and market exclusivity,” he said. “That means each retailer can control its own marketplace. Pricing and margins can be predictable while sales made will stay sold. Salespeople can have more time to focus on referrals, add on sales and prospecting for new business.”

Hobson said profitability is delivered through elevated gross margins, higher average tickets and reduced costs.

“All Silentnight products offer great values,” he said. “The entire portfolio is designed with step up sales in mind; products are built with the highest level of quality you would expect from the UK’s most trusted brand; and the brand is backed by the great sales service and support you would expect from the team at AW Inds.”

He said the current bedding climate, one in which demand for mattresses is high and retail bedding traffic is strong, is a good time to look to the future and consider new bedding partners.

“For any mattress retailer who is looking for an edge and may be worried about what happens to their most profitable category after the current environment ends, now is the time to take action,” Hobson said. “If retailers are concerned about their competition stealing market share, are anxious about rising prices, are worried about the pressure on margins or are simply frustrated with the support levels they are getting from a vendor, Silentnight offers them a compelling alternative.”

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