HIGH POINT – Call it the story of the hippopotamus – and the duck. That unlikely duo gets star billing in the logo on the Silentnight bedding line, being introduced here by AW Inds.

Silentnight, a leading bedding brand in the United Kingdom, uses a hippo and a duck to illustrate that its beds offer “comfort and support for all.”

“Our beds offer something for everybody,” said Paul Kahl, vice president of sales for AW Inds.

Toy hippos and ducks adorn the Silentnight beds in the company’s fifth floor showroom in the Main wing of the International Home Furnishings Center. That is one of three showrooms that AW Inds. is operating at the market.

Kahl said Silentnight embodies the United Kingdom’s tradition of offering high quality, respected brands. “Silentnight gives us the opportunity to take a trusted, prestigious product to a broader market.”

The initial showing at market features three lines, each with colorful accents. Orange-trimmed beds are memory foam offerings, while beds trimmed in electric blue feature gel-infused memory foams. Plum-accented beds feature latex, with a polyurethane edge design.

The beds feature fabrics made from upcycled plastic bottles, providing a soft touch and a Viroclean finish that offers antibacterial properties, Kahl said.

Mattress retails for the beds range from $899 to $2,299.

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