ROSEVILLE, Calif. – The Home Furnishings Assn. has partnered with Profit Chain, a management consulting firm specializing in supply chain and logistics.

“The association is always looking for products and services that can help our members grow,” said Jordan Boyst, HFA director of partnerships. “We think Profit Chain will help our members succeed in the current environment by improving customer service while minimizing cost.”

Boyst said the success that furniture retailers enjoyed over the summer exposed an area of weakness, with many supply chain and logistics operations not keeping up and the flow of merchandise from overseas slowed due to bottlenecks at ports, limited space in warehouses and delivery constraints.

Profit Chain CEO Riaz Husein said the furniture industry has undergone a seismic change in 2020.

“That means retailers need to be changing their internal structure and strategies,” Husein said. “More often than not, we’re seeing they are too busy working on sales and merchandising strategies, only to discover their logistics, warehousing and final-mile delivery capability cannot keep up with demand.”

Husein said that, as a result, customer service is often negatively impacted and the retailers lose sales to competitors who have available merchandise.

HFA members can now call on Profit Chain advisors to help with supply chain and e-commerce strategies, international logistics, warehousing and distribution, inventory management, final-mile delivery and customer service management.

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