NEW YORK – The developer of a web-based tool for home furnishings retailers Greenboard has added a new vice president of sales, Richard Schmitz.

“The recent growth in the furniture industry has pushed furniture stores to put more focus on remote work, e-commerce, and organization. Greenboard’s CRM is well-positioned to make the job easier for store owners and sales managers,” said Lenny Kharitonov, furniture retail veteran and Greenboard developer. “We brought on Richard to help us build our best-in-class CRM into a household name.”

Schmitz has 10 years of experience in the software-as-a-service industry where he was the first sales hire for Lela, a data recommendations software company. He also worked at YouVist, a leading 360 software company.

Most recently, Schmitz was the vice president of sales at, where he worked with CRM software clients including Greenboard.

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