DURHAM – The Furniture First buying group has partnered with Esquire Advertising to bring its 235 furniture and mattress retail members the insights and market knowledge to capitalize on real-time market trends.

Esquire Advertising specializes in hyper-targeted marketing solutions. The company said it uses advertising technology along with its expertise in furniture retail to determine advanced marketing strategies.

“We are excited about our partnership with Furniture First and look forward to sharing our proprietary digital advertising capabilities to drive new consumers to members’ stores,” said Eric Grindley, Esquire Advertising founder and CEO. “With many markets rebounding from last year’s pandemic, our partnership will give members both the knowledge and tools they need to successfully understand consumer behaviors and tap into the industry’s growing consumer enthusiasm.”

Grindley said the partnership will include regular seminars, up-to-date market analysis covering the groups’ retail locations and access to advanced tools that can increase retailers’ return on advertising spend.

“We work hard to find effective, advanced marketing solutions for our members,” said Lark Shirley-Stevens, Furniture First executive director of marketing and membership. “The ability to tie in-store sales to the campaigns implemented by Esquire Advertising made it easy to say ‘yes’ to this partnership. We believe that it will give our members a competitive edge in the changing digital landscape.”

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