DURHAM, N.C. – Brick-and-mortar home furnishings retailers now have the opportunity to access free custom COVID-19 market analysis reports courtesy of Esquire Advertising.

“This service makes use of our hyper-targeting technology in a new way which has proven incredibly helpful for retailers as they navigate the fluctuating marketplace,” said Eric Grindley, Esquire Advertising founder and CEO. “With so many retailers wondering how much they should advertise, or if they should advertise at all, and which audiences to target, these custom reports offer some guidance to their unique situations.”

The market analysis reports provide stores with a comprehensive reading of consumer movements within their store area. Grindley said the reports include metrics for volume of in-market shoppers, demographic breakdowns of active shoppers, as well as an assessment of market volatility based on consumer movements surrounding the retail store.

To conduct each report, the company uses proprietary technology to track consumer activity within a roughly 650-foot radius of a store’s premises. Esquire Advertising then observes consumer movements within that target field to examine the current traffic volatility compared to the prior six-month period.

These observations allow data scientists to gauge trends in the market, as well as to obtain reliable assessments for market volatility and enable retailers to better understand how the market has been affected by the change in shopping behaviors during the pandemic.

The company’s marketing teams are then able to provide opportunities for retailers to act on these insights by identifying the right in-market consumers with the highest likelihood for conversion.

With this new knowledge, retailers can capitalize on the trackability of consumer behavior traditionally only seen in selling online, but now available in a brick-and-mortar retail environment, according to Grindley.

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