NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. — In a new joint venture formed with U.K.-based Millbrook Beds, Eclipse International will manufacture and distribute the high-end, premium English brand’s mattresses throughout the U.S., and Millbrook will produce and market the Eastman House brand for distribution throughout the U.K.

Founded in 1946, Croll family-owned Millbrook Beds is based in Southampton, England, and is known for its impeccably designed mattresses crafted with premium natural materials including silk, pashmina, cashmere, angora and wool from sheep native to the Hampshire region.

“Not only does this joint venture give us the opportunity to bring some of the finest luxury mattresses into the U.S, we will also be growing our reach with Eastman House by adding distribution throughout the U.K.,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse.

The Millbrook beds offer superb attention to detail with exacting standards and sell at a lower cost to dealers providing much greater margins, Eclipse said.

As part of the agreement, the company will import two ultra-premium luxury Millbrook bed models from the U.K. factory in queen and king and will manufacture three models in the U.S.

The double-sided Millbrook beds feature pocket sprung divan bases available with storage drawers. Mattresses are designed with 6,000 nested, pocketed coils, four-row, hand side-stitched borders and the signature Hampshire wool, exclusive to Millbrook Beds and Eclipse International. In addition, every mattress features 40 tufts with Millbrook’s signature, single tuft in black wool.

Eastman House will offer this all-natural, hand side-stitched tufted line branded as Millbrook or as a private-label option providing exclusivity to select retailers. The line will initially be rolled out from two Bedding Industries of America factories, one on each coast. Later next year, the super-premium luxury Millbrook brand will be available from all Eclipse and Eastman House factories with quick service and delivery.

In the U.K., Millbrook will focus on the Eastman House classic line of coil-on-coil mattresses.

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