NEW YORK – A husband-and-wife duo has launched high-end DTC site Rose Crosby to offer a curated selection of items for the home, as well as for beauty and fashion.

“Rose Crosby was conceptualized from a dearth of platforms dedicated to amalgamating the three separate but interconnected industries of home, fashion and beauty,” said Lauren Kirloskar, chief creative officer, who founded the site along with her husband Jay, the company’s CEO.

“Paramount to this vision was prioritizing global design that was sustainable and inclusive, and making it accessible to shoppers worldwide.”

The Kirloskars said Rose Crosby’s goal is to shed a spotlight on the creations and creators through  storytelling that engages shoppers, allowing them to truly connect with the brands on the site as well as the people behind them.

Shoppers on the site are guided to find rare vintage pieces for the home, according to Kirloskar, as well as modern design staples.

“The Rose Crosby team believes a room should not be made up of one singular style, era or vision. It’s meant to be an accumulation of intricately and consciously woven pieces that illustrate the story of the person who inhabits it,” she said.

The site currently offers a desk, tables and seating from Estudio Persona, a contemporary design studio based in Los Angeles. Pricing for the tables starts at $1,800 for the Arrow side table and runs up to $7,000 for the Vassoio coffee table.

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