WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Commerce is performing a new shipper review for a Chinese manufacturer of wooden cabinets and vanities to determine whether it warrants a duty rate different from the all-China rate of 262.18%.

The company under review is Dalian Hualing Wood Co. Ltd. The company has told the DOC that it did not have any shipments to the U.S. market during the initial investigation and that it has not been affiliated with any producer or exporter that had shipments of the subject merchandise to the U.S. market during the investigation.

The company also noted that its export activities are not controlled by the central government of China.

The period under review is April 1 through Sept. 30. The review will determine whether the company is eligible for a separate duty rate, which is assigned to the manufacturer, but paid by the importer of record of the subject merchandise.

If the DOC finds that information supplied by the manufacturer is incorrect or incomplete, it may rescind the review, which would place the company in the All-China rate category.

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