SAN JOSE, Calif. – Last-mile technology specialist DispatchTrack is launching what the company calls an industry first contactless pickup logistics optimization solution.

The technology enables retailers of big and bulky goods in industries such as furniture, appliances and building supplies to integrate a safe and seamless customer pickup experience at warehouse locations.

As opposed to curbside pickup solutions retailers are rolling out at stores, DispatchTrack’s pickup logistics optimization focuses on warehouse pickup only. According to the company, 27% of buy-online-pickup-in-store orders are being collected via curbside pickup, and the need for an updated approach was sped up by the pandemic and a need to avoid inefficiencies and safety concerns. The workflow implemented by pickup logistics optimization will be long-lasting even after the pandemic.

DispatchTrack’s contact-free pickup solution allows an end-customer to schedule pickup time slots at a warehouse, streamlining the flow of customers and the workflow of the warehouse to pick and prep the item or items. The automated system also allows customers to notify the warehouse of their arrival and the warehouse to route them to the right pick-up spot.

This reduces the risk of transmitting COVID between customers and warehouse workers, which promotes better health and mitigates the risk of disruptions to warehouse operations. This contact-free pickup solution is made possible via DispatchTrack’s last-mile logistics technology, which includes route optimization, real-time tracking, and ETA.

“Innovating to provide the best possible customer service experience via last-mile logistics is our forte,” said co-founder and CEO of DispatchTrack, Satish Natarajan. “Although prompted by the immediate challenges presented by the pandemic, we are committed to the longevity of pickup logistics optimization as yet another way to provide the businesses we work with the ability to seamlessly integrate a more customer-oriented solution into their workflows.

“Managing customer demand and newly imposed safety regulations is a lot for organizations, and our goal is to simplify the process across the board while imparting lasting impact on their end-customers,” he continued.

DispatchTrack began offering contactless pickup in 2020 and now provides this solution across the platform in nine U.S. locations. Enterprise-scale clients are rolling out the solution  as a way to deal with the immediate challenges of COVID-19 and for the future benefits of a streamlined pickup logistics system.

DispatchTrack’s last-mile logistics technology encompasses end-to-end functionality for self-scheduling, route optimization, customer communication, contactless delivery, real-time tracking and ETA, proof of delivery, and delivery network intelligence and analytics.

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