RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. – Diamond Mattress University, the education program of the Top 20 mattress manufacturer, has registered more than 1,500 sales associates and improved sales performance for retailers in its first year.

Diamond Mattress launched the online, mobile-friendly education program mid-last year at no charge to retail partners nationwide. The retail sales associates who have signed up for the program have completed more than 3,000 courses, and retail partners have attested to the positive impact and importance of the training, officials said.

Patrick Wolf, vice president of sales and education for Diamond Mattress, cited significant sales improvement for retail partners that have incorporated DMU courses into their own curriculum, including average mattress ticket increase of 15% or more, higher close ratios and shorter onboarding of new RSAs within the first few weeks.

In addition to continually adding educational content, the online program now provides tutorials to help retailers navigate Diamond’s online ordering portal and set up the Diamond Experience Center, the in-store hands-on demonstration lab.

“We’re also leveraging DMU to make doing business with Diamond easier and faster for our growing customer-base across the U.S.,” said Wolf. “This allows us to have higher quality retail visits because DMU has established a solid base of product knowledge and sales training and we can spend time on higher level discussions about their business.” 

Retailers are giving the program good reviews.

Said Keith West, regional manager for Alaska-based Bailey’s Furniture: “Mattresses tend to be a longer learning process for RSAs because they are essentially a ‘hidden’ item. Diamond University helps raise mattress IQ, which increases confidence in the department. A better understanding of the product and basic benefits of sleep translate to a better, more professional guest experience.

“Additionally, it really helps us fast track new hires. We are able to give them a knowledge base and release them to the floor sooner.”

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