Edward Phifer

Warren Daniel

Warren Daniel

LENOIR, N.C. – Republican incumbent Warren Daniel won re-election to N.C. State Senate District 46, according to unofficial tallies published in the Lenoir News-Topic, beating his furniture industry executive challenger, Edward Phifer.

According to the paper, Daniel, who has served in the N.C. State Senate since 2011, received 67,431 or 72.37% of the votes. Phifer, a former EJ Victor executive and current board member, received 25,750, or 27.63% of the votes.

Phifer agreed to run against Daniel in a district that includes Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties, which remain important areas for furniture manufacturing.

While the winning the race was a long shot for a Democratic challenger, Phifer spoke to issues that he believed were important to the citizens of the region, including his support for public education and paying teachers competitively to support a strong education system in the state.

He also ran on a platform that supported better access to quality health care and expanding Medicaid, which he believes was particularly important during the pandemic. Other issues he cited in his bid for the seat included providing greater broadband Internet access in the region and environmental issues that have received support from the furniture and timber industries in the region.

Daniel ran on a platform that also supported public education as well as creating jobs, particularly by fighting unnecessary regulations and high taxes in an effort to help small businesses grow and cutting wasteful government spending.

He also ran as pro-second amendment, pro enforcement against illegal immigration and in support of strong voter id laws that “ensure honest and fair elections in our state.”

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