DALLAS – Corsicana Mattress Co. is rolling out an extensive virtual training program created to arm retail sales associates with detailed information on the company’s new “affordable luxury” line.

The NightsBridge training program is designed as an interactive way to provide RSAs with the features, advantages and benefits of the line and to help them effectively communicate those points to consumers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated the company’s shift to its new virtual training protocol, officials noted.

Corsicana developed the comprehensive program to build on the company’s consumer segmentation strategy, which focuses on the target customer, what they are looking for, why they buy and the NightsBridge brand’s product features.

The training is conducted using a webinar format that allows RSAs to participate as schedules allow. The training program is led by Davis Whitworth, Corsicana’s senior sales director for business development, who has more than 30 years of retail and mattress sales training experience.

“Our frontline Corsicana sales reps will facilitate the RSA training sessions,” he said. “They will play a crucial role in helping the retail associates promote and build our brands among consumers, and we were looking for a way to make selling affordable luxury in a hyper-competitive space straightforward. Many of them have a strong desire but relatively modest experience selling luxury goods, so we wanted to empower them with more tools to make more sales and earn higher commissions.”

Whitworth said the NightsBridge collection “goes toe to toe with other luxury sleep brands in the marketplace, and we are committed to incorporating better materials.”

Corsicana sales representatives will provide RSAs with webinar invitations to participate in the product and sales training. Additionally, in-person training is available, upon request.

“Affordable, quality sleep products have always been a part of our ethos, and our NightsBridge line is a great example of providing a luxury product at an attainable price point,” said Michael Thompson, Corsicana’s CEO. “We value our retail partners as our foot soldiers on the sales floor, and the training program will help arm them with the proper tools for positioning NightsBridge as a leading luxury brand.”

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