BOULDER, Colo. – Canvas, the 3D mapping app for the home improvement and design industry from Occipital, a mobile computer vision company, now supports Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

“This is only the latest major leap for 3D mapping in the last 10 years,” said Anton Yakubenko, Canvas vice president of product and 3D capture. “First, it was only possible with very complicated, time-consuming and expensive equipment like $50,000 tripod-based scanners. Now, in 2020, with embedded 3D sensors, it’s not just affordable and possible, it’s easy. Just download and start scanning.”

Yakubenko said thousands of interior designers and architects already use the Canvas iPad app to create scale-accurate 3D models of interior spaces. But now, the company said the power to measure and digitize spaces in 3D can be done using a smartphone.

The new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max have an embedded LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor which captures depth data by emitting a myriad of laser pulses into the space, capturing their reflections off the objects and measuring distance by timing the travel of each light pulse.

“Since the launch of the iPad Pros with LiDAR sensors last spring, we’ve anticipated the next line of iPhones,” said Alex Schiff, Occipital product manager. “This is a huge enabler because it’s no longer an extra device or tool to bring with you. Your phone just became a new kind of power tool.”

The Canvas app for iPhone also runs on any iPhone 7 or newer with no 3D sensor required, and the new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max’s LiDAR sensor delivers a nearly five times improvement in accuracy.

“Where most measurements extracted from a non-LiDAR scan will be within about 5% when compared with a laser distance meter or tape measure, most measurements extracted from a LiDAR scan will be within 1% to 2%,” Yakubenko said.

“Enabling the Canvas app on non-LiDAR devices today means you can ask a client to download the app and 3D scan a room or two, and they can send that data to you to work with them remotely and avoid an in-home visit.”

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