SAN FRANCISCO – Bumblebee Spaces, an artificial intelligence company that manufactures space-saving robotic furniture, has added two former Apple executives to its team.

“When we started working on Bumblebee, it started as an insight: Why don’t we use 3D instead of 2D to optimize living space,” said Sankarshan Murthy, Bumblebee Spaces CEO. “If we pull it off at scale, the ripple effects of communities spreading out less and cities becoming more affordable and livable, the possibilities meant we had to dedicate our lives to the product and the experience.”

The company has brought on Steve Zadesky and Nick Forlenza, who are experts in product and manufacturing design, to join current Bumblebee Spaces head of design Rico Zorkendorfer. Zadesky will be the director of the board of Bumblebee Spaces, and Forlenza will be the head of operations strategy and an advisor.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Sankarshan and his team on reinventing how people interact with the space around them,” Zadesky said. “He has done an excellent job assembling a world-class team of engineers, developing robotics, machine vision and software systems to address a market that has seen little innovation over the past hundred years.”

Forlenza also expressed the desire to work on something socially relevant regarding the use of urban space.

“To help improve people’s lives and at the same time reduce their overall footprint is the ultimate creative challenge of our time,” said Zorkendorfer. “Bumblebee’s core mission to create living experiences that are beautifully efficient is an incredibly compelling challenge as a designer, and I am excited to be part of this team.”

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