SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In an effort to meet new demands and price increases in full truckload freight in the wake of COVID-19, buying group AVB/BrandSource has partnered with Uber Freight, the long-haul trucking arm of the ride-sharing service Uber that acts as load-booking agent for carriers.

Using a formula similar to its ride-share service, Uber Freight capitalizes on driver availability and demand in real-time to source drivers and manage costs. In a release from BrandSource, the group noted that “small businesses have historically been under served by tech solutions” and that transportation management often requires companies to work with “spreadsheets and hours of phone calls” to tender and track loads.

According to Uber Freight, its shipper platform can simplify that process with an all in one dashboard for logistics needs, servicing budgeting for shipping coasts, tracking, capacity searches and more.

In addition, as the freight market has continued to change over the past few months and the company increased its number of small business customers by 10 times year-over-year, Uber Freight has worked directly with shippers to add new functionality to its platform. Among the latest features are:

  • New price itemization options that give shippers the option to include more detailed load needs with hours of lead time and lock in transparent pricing and special needs like driver assistance in advance.
  • Streamlined the end-to-end payments process for shippers, including improved invoicing and billing with instantly accessible billing pages.
  • Real-time predictions of when loads will arrive at their destinations.

While many small businesses use Uber Freight, the company’s customer base is not limited to small companies as it services thousands of customers across the U.S. and Europe with its platform.

For those interested in trying out the service, as part of the new agreement between the buying group and Uber Freight, BrandSource members will receive a $500 discount off their first completed shipment on the long-haul platform.

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