For many in the industry, this year has been one of change, assimilation and adaptation to new rules and protocols required in the wake of COVID-19. One of the biggest changes – and challenges – has been the inability to travel overseas for sourcing and product development.

Not that many in the industry are complaining about giving up weeks-long trips to Vietnam, Malaysia and China. In fact, many have relished the opportunity for extended time at home.

At the same time, there is still work to be done. Thanks to technology – ranging from Facetime and Skype to Zoom meetings – product is still being developed and engineered. It’s just that the process is mostly being communicated with overseas teams on a screen.

Obviously the industry already used these technologies before, communicating with teams in Asia late at night on details ranging from dimensions and construction to finish. But more often than not, teams would travel to see the samples in person before approving them to be shipped to the U.S.

Now, thanks to the pandemic related travel restrictions, most are suggesting or requesting any changes virtually before having that product sent here for final approval.

Many furniture executives I’ve interviewed say it has been this way for some time, as most haven’t traveled to Asia from the past eight months to nearly a year. Some interviewed over the summer months were expecting to travel once again in the fourth quarter, but a resurgence of the pandemic is making that highly unlikely.

The question is how long will it be before we can travel once again? Will it be in the first or second quarter? Or will it be sometime in the second half? For now, it appears all this virtual product development will continue, at least until cases subside or until a promising vaccine is available to the masses.

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