Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this column in 2016, following the last Presidential election. And with one slight exception (in Italics below) it is as true today as then. I don’t typically re-run columns but felt the sentiment and timeliness of the message warranted sharing again. I wish you and all your families a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

There was a sense over the past few months that once the election passed things would settle down and return to some semblance of normalcy. For the moment, that does not seem to be the case.

Supporters of the respective candidates appear, if anything, to have hardened their , and there is growing evidence that the polarization of the electorate may portend a period of extended social conflict. At this moment in time, it appears that regardless of political affiliation, there is greater focus on what divides than what unites us. In no way do I want to minimize the legitimate policy differences between the two parties and their supporters, nor suggest people do not have a right to their concerns one way or another.

However, I am by nature a glass-half-full person, prone to believing in the basic goodness of people, regardless of political or other affiliation. So, in the spirit of the season, I offer this list of things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful for:

  • A loving wife, son and family who make me laugh when I have reason to cry, who lift me up when I’m feeling down and who make life a joyous, raucous, fulfilling adventure.
  • A dedicated team of co-workers who support one another, exemplify professionalism and journalistic integrity, and work tirelessly to be the absolute best at everything they do.
  • A job that puts food on my table and a roof over my family’s head. That challenges, sometimes chastens, but always energizes me.
  • The opportunity to travel the country and the world. To meet interesting, thoughtful, inventive people. To see how amazing products get made, to see beautifully merchandised stores and to be inspired by the boundless creativity of the human spirit. This is something I hope to get back to soon!
  • Being part of an industry filled with unique, colorful, passionate people who wake up every day focused on creating and selling unique and inventive furnishings for every American home.
  • Being born in the most beautiful, bountiful country in the world. To live in a place that, for all its flaws, prejudices and imperfections, still supports a level of diversity, free expression and a standard of living that is unmatched in human history.
  • The beauty of sunlight through wind-blown leaves, the smell of cut grass and fallen leaves. The sound of a child’s laughter and a dog’s unconditional, loving greeting.

You may find this an unusual column for a B2B publication. But these are unusual times.

The furniture industry is in many ways a microcosm of American society and as such is undergoing significant transformations, economic, technological, demographic and social. To the extent that we as an industry remained focused on the tasks that unite us — designing, manufacturing and merchandising great product for the full range of diverse consumer tastes — we will all be better off.

From our family here at Furniture Today, we wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

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