AT THE MARKET — Bedgear’s introductions emphasize the importance of airflow, a feature that the company says helps consumers sleep at their optimal temperatures.

Bedgear is introducing the Air-X “air multiplier” mattress cover, which features a stretchable, waterproof membrane and a knitted fabric and retails for $149.

The company is showcasing its lineup at this week’s High Point Market in Plaza Suites, spaces 1-601 and 1-500, floor 1.

Eugene Alletto, Bedgear’s CEO, says the cover generates a pocket of air between the sleeper and the surface of the mattress, allowing phase change materials to promote a comfortable sleep climate.

Airflow also figures prominently in the company’s other highlighted products, the S mattress collection and the Cosmo and Glacier pillow collections.

The new models feature enhanced airflow designs that are engineered to maximize cross-ventilation and breathability.

“Bedgear has become a sought-after brand of Performance that provides fashionable and functional bedding products that are proven to relieve the consumer pain point of overheating,” Alletto said. “The elegant S mattress collection and Cosmo and Glacier pillow collections highlight Bedgear’s dedication of bringing new airflow innovations to consumers and our retail partners.”

The all-white Performance S mattresses line consists of three models with distinct comforts: S3 L Sport (firmest), S5 LS (medium-firm) and S7 LSX (plush). Quarter-inch-diameter holes are drilled vertically top to bottom throughout the mattresses to ensure continuous airflow and a clean and healthy sleep environment. Retails range from $699 to $999.

Along with the vertically drilled holes, Bedgear’s patented Air-X panels on the sides and ventilated React material core provide enhanced airflow and cross-ventilation. Featuring Bedgear’s Ver-Tex instant-cooling cover, the S mattresses have a large Bedgear logo knitted down the center along with an S-shaped fluid pattern.

The Cosmo and Glacier pillow collections are the first of Bedgear’s Performance pillows to showcase the brand’s patented air vent design that maximizes breathability with cross-ventilation. An air vent is a soft, circular fabric with a mesh center, which is about the size of a nickel. It is designed to allow heat from the head, neck and shoulders to be directed away from the body.

Both pillow collections feature the company’s Ver-Tex instant-cooling cover that is removable and washable to reduce sweat and heat buildup to create a clean and healthy sleep environment. Available in four heights, also called sizes, to meet personal sleep preferences, the lowest height pillow (0.0 size) includes one air vent and a mesh patch on top and bottom while the other three heights — 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 sizes — include 10 air vents and mesh on all sides.

With the exception of the 0.0 size, the Cosmo collection features a dual chamber that is soft on one side and firmer on the other. It has a lofty, marquee-diamond pattern, gray-colored cover with eye-catching rose-gold stitching and an instant-cooling feel. Cosmo’s fill allows conforming and pressure relief.

The Glacier collection has a single chamber that ensures consistent comfort throughout. It has a smooth, snow-white-colored cover with rose-gold stitching and an instant-cooling feel. Glacier’s fill allows resilient support without pillow bounce.

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