ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Bouncing back from a pandemic-plagued second quarter, the bedding industry recorded double-digit dollar growth in the third quarter, a report from the International Sleep Products Assn. says.

The new Bedding Market Quarterly said the dollar value for the total market for mattresses and stationary and motion foundations increased 13.7% in the third quarter. Units were up 6.8%.

Those gains were enough to push the industry back into positive sales territory.

The dollar value for the total bedding market in the first nine months of the year is up 1.7%, while units for the total market are up 2.0%, the ISPA report said.

The industry showed negative growth for the first half of the year, with the dollar value of the total bedding market down 3.9% and units down 0.5%, according to ISPA’s report for the second quarter.

ISPA’s new report said U.S.-produced mattresses were up 9.1% in dollars in the third quarter, while domestic mattress units were up 1.5%.

Mattress imports, meanwhile, soared in the third quarter. The dollar value of imported mattresses was up 66.6%, while units of imported mattresses were up 69.3%.

Stationary foundations, both U.S. made and imported, were down 9.3% in dollars in the third quarter, while units were down 7.2%, the ISPA report said.

Motion foundations, meanwhile, were up 50% in dollars in the third quarter, while motion foundation units were up 21%. Those figures include U.S.-produced foundations and imports.

Year-to-date motion foundation dollars are up 23.8%. Motion foundation units are up 6.3%.

The average unit price for mattresses was up 7.6% in the third quarter to $436.02. The average unit price for stationary foundations was down 2.7% in that quarter, to $76.18, according to a sample of leading U.S. producers.

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