SAN FRANCISCO — Online interior design service Modsy says one of the key things people are looking for is a sense of nostalgia.

Part of Modsy’s third annual report to review interior design this year and coming trends for next year, that desire for nostalgia underscores the fact that traditional and classic styles were two of the biggest movers despite consistently being the least popular among Modsy customers in past years.

In fact, the traditional style of decorating grew 6% in popularity, while adding classic elements grew by 11%.

The increased popularity of traditional styles doesn’t mean that Mid-Century Modern is gone, however. Modsy’s report showed that Mod Visionary, a sub-style of Mid-Century Modern, grew in popularity this year. The company said this furniture is renowned for its functionality and works well in smaller spaces, which adds versatility to the home.

The preferred decorating style in 2020, according to the report, depended on where in the U.S. people lived. For example, in the Northeast and West Coast states with large metropolitan cities, Modern Decor was the most popular. But, people in the Midwest and South preferred redecorating with the Farmhouse style.

“How we use our homes has changed dramatically this year,” said Alessandra Wood, Modsy vice president of style. “It’s no surprise that people are expanding the functionality and comfort of their spaces, now more than ever before.

“To dig into the trends behind these changes, we reviewed our internal data and surveyed thousands of people in our design community about interior design in 2020 and what their plans are for 2021.”

A feel for functionality

An impressive 69% of people engaged in a home redesign project in 2020 with functionality being the No. 1 motivator, due in no small part to the high number of work-at-home and study-at-home households since March of this year.

Starting in April 2020, home office design requests grew steadily, at 27% year-over-year. The report showed home office renovations now account for 10% of all room types. And office furniture sales were three times higher in April 2020 than compared with April 2019.

The most popular design styles for a reimagined home office included Modern and Minimal, with 27% of all offices designed to be clean and functional.

Some of the other top selling products for 2020 included storage furniture and accent chairs. The report showed that renovators added media cabinets to help serve as both a beautiful piece of statement furniture while also being a nice place to stash clutter out of view.

Another popular addition this year included lounge chairs, with people creating little corners of the home to retreat to after a day spent working or learning in the home office area.

2021 forecast

Looking ahead to 2021, the most popular rooms to redesign include living rooms, home offices and bedrooms. Overall, Modsy said, people are focusing on affordable upgrades, with most people planning on spending up to $1,500 on a room refresh.

The company also predicts the desire for nostalgic design will continue to grow and include a new subset  called “Grandmillennial Style.”

“We’ve seen this rise in fashion in 2020, and we expect the style to continue to pick up steam in home design in 2021,” Wood said. “Just as Gen X found nostalgia in the mid-century designs their grandparents coveted, Millennials may be finding a similar sense of nostalgia in familiar, classic designs.”

The report also showed that natural materials, such as Scandinavian-inspired lighter toned woods, are on the rise for 2021. In addition, sustainability is becoming more important to consumers.

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